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It can only improve from here.... hopefully.

Animation and voice acting is good as always (some of them have breathy mikes, but you can't help that).
The humor was good, sadly not as funny as previous installments, but still good.
Nice 'lil cameo from Nostalgia and Mike. Gonna be though to top though.
The next part could end up being really good, or fall flat on its face.
Here's hoping for a great part 3!

Keep it up!!

Not Bad...

Some of it was really good. Great animation and jokes (especially Legend20x, Kaizoku & Sol, Wonchop and Cypo), but there are still 2 or 3 that aren't that good (not enough to bring down the rest of the animations). You can't please everyone though. You can't start turning people down, as less people will come forward to work on future collabs.
I just hope the future collabs are full of the same "quality" from the best work.

Keep it up!!

Great work!!

Some of the animation quality was quite good (Starfox & Kirby scenes especialy, my hats of to them). And the Duck Hunt and Tetris scenes were quite a clever idea.
And, your writing/animation/voice acting/punchline timing have improved.

The Pokemon Snap joke got a little stale (was expecting something like a Muk to jump out or something, more of a punchline then a running gag.), but hell, it probably got you an extra couple of 5s for it.

Keep working on it, make sure you keep origional (or voice something the fans are thinking, but hasn't been said yet) and you can only improve from here!

Faved, 5, e.t.c.
Keep it up!!

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Top work again!!

Visually the game is great!! Love the improved portraits. Even though most enemies have the same template, it really works!! Some of the speech in battle is a bit quite, but that's ok. Some of the sound effects get a bit grating after a while. Voice acting is top notch as usual. The British humor seems to add to the games style!

I am playing on easy, but the difficulty can sharply vary. You'll have a difficult mini-boss, then the actual boss can be really easy!! The vast amount of items can be a pain, but once you focus on what vein of strategy you want to use and keep selling, it's fine. The game's challenging, and enjoyable. Love the stat's effects (never know what'll happen next).

It's hard to think of improvements. Wouldn't mind being able too see your partners abilities (so you know what to give them equipment, speed and instinct and so on), then again, I suppose that adds to the challenge!! Wouldn't mind different battle and boss songs. (They're great songs, but I wouldn't mind a little more). Of course, with File size limits, their is only so much you can do; and you've picked the best stuff to put in here.

I've only been playing for a while, but It seems all good so far. An improvement on the origional! Great work!
Keep it up!!


The only bad thing about this series is how short this is!!
I would love a full version of this game, either for download onto PC/Mac or as a DS game! I could really see it working as an official game!
Theres only a few things I can think of for advise:
- The two girls, I don't mind the witch costume, but a re-color on the same team?
- I was struggling to get cash in zone 3, and I was only getting 2% exp in training fights. Might be just me over level grinding, but the only reason for training fights were to get there rare items. It did help me level up early on in the zone though.
- Do sub-boss'es like the Baron and Rockstar have fixed items to drop? if not, you might want to have re-matches against them to get the other items you missed.

I know some of these are purely astetical. I'm probebly not a good enough gamer, lol.
Top work on this title. Can't wait to play the next level!!

Keep it up!!

A unique blend that works! ^_^

At first I hated date RPG's...but this is great! I thought the mix of a violent game like pico wouldn't work...but I come back for more! (maybe it's cause nene looks....christ get a hold of yourself!) luffed the pkmn referance!
And heres hints for people:
A.one day study and work out,
B. the next day you (in order of what to do in day):
1) ask for promotion
2) work
3) bar (reguler beer, save money for flashes, emotion for "new freinds", love for "Close freinds", and the expensive for whatever comes next!)
4) Hit on nene, talk, give flashes (if she's your freind), and if she has text in brackets, check your ask chances.
5) go home and use rest of energy E-mailing, sleep
Repete till you win ^_^

Keep it up!

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I would download, but...

The drum/bass that come in at around 0:30, is either too heavy, or not a good enough quality. It's a shame, as it really ruins the song. But other than that fantastic work!!

Keep it up!!

This is perfect, slick!!

Knocks socks off of any Doopliss remix on the 'Net!! I imagine doopliss transforming into his clock tower and turning into something like a living monster house. Love it.

Keep it up!!

Gorekiller responds:

W00t, thanks, Chao-Guy ! To me, Doopliss would turn into a big scary phantom who'll be able to avoid your attacks at any time !

"The Atomic Reactor; RAWK HAWK!!"

The guitar sounds great, but the synth brass that starts at 00:06 isn't very good, but what do I know; I havn't heard this theme in ages. Has a very proffecional feel about it. Top work!!

Keep it up!!

Gorekiller responds:

...Hey, thanks for the cool review, Chao-guy !

When I tell you to "Keep it up!" by god you better keep it up! lol, inuendo! Not really, check my reviews. Now I do music! Review's please! Pic: Tarahloveshentai

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